We love people where they are at and help
get them where God wants them.


Core Values:

Come as you are but don’t stay that way.

Jesus told Peter that he would be a fisher of men. Most people think they have to stop doing things or get better before God will love them. But you don’t clean a fish before you catch it. God loves you where you are in life right now.


No perfect people allowed.

This is a place where it’s OK to not be Ok. We believe God meets us in our mess but by His grace we are not stuck there. Pursue Him and He will clean the mess out of your life.

We want to lead people to becoming fully devoted followers of Christ.

A church that helps build strong families.
Strong families build strong communities which build a strong world.

A church that is people focused.
People are the church and they are our main focus.

Irrational Generosity.
We want to be know as the crazy givers.

We are not your normal church.
We are dedicated to the message not the method. Our message is the unchanging Word of God. Our method is constantly changing to reach a constantly changing culture. We are fluid and flexible ready for anything the future throws our way. We don’t always do things the way they always have been done. We use the most effective way to reach people.

Every member doing everyday ministry